Reinvesting in our community, utilizing time and resources to not only renovate dilapidated homes, but also improve neighborhoods while instilling a new sense of pride and respect in our worthy citizens.

Teamwork creates a bond and synergy that is at the heart of each project. We provide opportunities that bring people together, forming lasting friendships while working to benefit those in need.

Our Mission

Bringing our volunteers and the community together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners who are in need, and help revitalize neighborhoods throughout San Diego.

Solutions for those in less-fortunate circumstances are what we find for our neighbors who can no longer help themselves. RTSD provides hands-on compassion that fixes lives by fixing homes in the truest community spirit.

Dedication and passion produce real and tangible results from the many resources and relationships we have developed throughout the years. And it is this spirit of giving that continues to make a difference - everyday!

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