The Many Ways In Which We Help

With the support and involvement of businesses and individuals, Rebuilding Together San Diego (RTSD) sets in motion an endless cycle of renewal, community-building, and civic engagement. Since 1995, we have rehabilitated more than 400 homes and facilities which serve thousands of local residents. Hundreds of civic-minded companies, building tradesmen and community groups support our work with sponsorships, financial contributions, and in-kind donations of both resources and materials. Click on our other specific RTSD programs below to see how we target the varying needs of our diverse population.

Annual Rebuilding Day: The flagship event every April provides FREE "mini-makeover" home repairs and renovations for low-income seniors, elderly, veteran and disabled homeowners. Non-profit community facilities are also renovated. Over 500 volunteers participate to paint, clean-up homes and yards, and perform plumbing, carpentry, and electrical repairs. Each project is adopted by a corporate sponsor.

Safe at Home: Our year-round "Safe at Home" program addresses home repair and maintenance issues that represent safety risks or limit access to or within the home. This successful program provides minor repairs, safety and energy-efficiency modifications for low income elderly and disabled homeowners. Repairs are limited to no more than $250 in costs, and performed by small volunteer teams or handymen as available.

Taking It to the Streets: Taking It to the Streets allows community groups to directly address the needs of their neighborhood without having to wait for over burdened and limited City and County resources to respond. The program's goal is to encourage citizens to take responsibility for their neighborhoods and affect changes for themselves. RTSD has a warehouse full of tools and materials that we loan out for community and youth organizations who want to host community & street clean-ups, graffiti paint outs, or easement plantings that will improve their own neighborhoods.

Warehouse Pass Along: This program offers our excess building materials and supplies to other non-profit organizations, as well as low-income homeowners.

REO Program: All properties to-date have been offered and purchased through the Neighborhood Stabilization Trust, and all banks that merge to sell their portfolio of foreclosed properties to non-profits to use the funds for their particular mission.