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Tom's Story

Wheelchair bound, Tom, was taking showers in his front yard until RTSD came to his rescue

Nine years ago, Tom Lukasiewitz a longtime Chula Vista contractor, was perplexed by what was happening to his body. Neurologists diagnosed Tom with a rare disease called Inclusion Body Myositis

As a contractor, Tom was always willing to help a neighbor which is why Rebuilding Together San Diego rolled up their sleeves on his birthday. Volunteers painted his house, poured a new patio, put on a new roof and relandscaped too. 

DPR Construction volunteered their time and donated the materials. The company wants to encourage other businesses to pay it forward. Another corporate sponsor on this generous project was Sharp Healthcare

Volunteers not only rebuilt Tom's bathroom but gave him a new kitchen too. "When something bad happens in your life and you think there is no one out there to help, there is Rebuilding Together San Diego. They came in and said we are going to help you," said Tom

Tori's Story

A single Mother in La Mesa who was desperate for help

A single mother in La Mesa who was desperate for help wrote a letter and was shocked by the response. 

Tori Mauricio wrote a letter to Rebuilding Together San Diego, a non-profit organization that helps families in need. 

Rebuilding Together San Diego took one look at the property and called reinforcements. 



Patricia's Story

A mother and her 16 year old with no running water were losing hope until RTSD heard their story

Patricia, her 16 year old daughter Angela and infant granddaughter had no running water and a severely leaking ceiling. Just to take a shower the family had to heat water up in a pot on the stove and take it out to the yard to bath with. With her 2 adult children serving our country in the Army, RTSD were determined to serve this family that had been serving us. In partnership with US Bank and IBEW, RTSD was able to give the family new plumbing, a new bathroom, kitchen, and roof, but most importantly, a new lease on life. 

Mrs Manley's Story

A Pastor's Legacy

During their 42-year marriage, Willie Manley and his wife Vertis fostered 7 children. Mr. Manley served in the Army in the Korean war which left him severely disabled. His feet were frost bitten and exposure to chemicals left him with cancer. Greater Life Baptist Church Pastor was founded by Mr. Manley in 1973. His total career consisted of 50+ years of pastoring. Until his passing in 2016, he was such a pillar of the community that “Derby Street” their neighborhood has changed a street name to “W.E. Manley Way” in his honor.
Mrs. Manley was a daycare provider, president of Ministers Wives of San Diego, and long-time volunteer of Johnson middle & Lincoln high schools. With a pace maker, arthritis and degenerative disc, Vertis has been hospitalized several times and had not been able to manage the upkeep of her home.

In partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, RTSD was able to provide Vertis with a new wheel chair ramp, repair and replace a sunken bathroom floor, install grab bars, landscape and deep clean the home. 

James' Story


Alone and disabled, James couldn't even get out of his front door

Born with severe scoliosis, James has faced numerous challenges throughout his life. After moving to San Diego from New York with his disabled brother in the 80's, they purchased the house where James currently resides. Shortly after his brother was diagnosed with cancer and tragically passed away at 35, leaving James alone with no family. With a limited income, James has subsisted on a diet primarily of hot dogs and Top Ramen for years.

With the help of Griffus Residential, RTSD was able to install a wheel chair ramp, replace broken windows and screens, landscape and install grab bars through out James' home.

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